Training and Development are Crucial to Employee. Learn Why!

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Training and Development:

Training and Development mean Training Program for employees. People ask Why is human resources important? Why Training and Development Process important? Training and Development are those two factors which play a crucial role in the company.

After a candidate is selected by the company, the next stage comes is to provide proper training to that candidate. Training means an act of teaching employees regarding work and development means development means the process of developing skills of employees.

There is a huge difference between training and development. Training is a short-term process while development is a long-term process. Training makes an employee capable of work while development expands the skills of employees.

Importance of Training and Development:

Training and Development are important for both, i.e., employer and employee. Training and Development Process improves the skills of the employees. After Recruitment, a company selects the best candidates for the work and after selection, they conduct Training Program for their selected candidates.

Here are some reasons why training and development are crucial for an employee as well as for the organization:

1. Improvement in Employees' Performance:

If a company does not have any proper Training and Development Program for their employees, the performance of the company would be poor. Training makes employees capable to work while development grows the skills of employees.

Training provides a detailed study of the work to the employees so, there would be an improvement in employees' performance.

2. Reduction in Employees' Turnover Ratio:

When employees are provided training, it boosts their morale and they are less likely to switch the company. So, there would be a reduction in employees' turnover ratio due to the training and development program.

When there would be a reduction in workers' turnover ratio, recruitment and selection costs of the company will be reduced.

3. Increase in Employee Morale:

Another Importance of Training and Development Program is, it boosts the morale of employees. It makes employees focused on their work and ultimately the performance of the employees will be improved.

Employees nowadays are considered as living assets of the company. In the absence of employees, it impossible for the organization to work smoothly. So, it is very important for the company to boost up the morale of the workers.

4.  Enhances Company Reputation:

Training could be of various types, On the job training, Lectures, Individual study, Seminars, Mentoring Schemes etc. A good training and development strategy enhances company reputation.

A Successful training strategy helps in attracting potential recruits who seek to develop their skills.

5. Addressing Weakness:

Many employees have weaknesses in their workplace. Due to the training and development strategy, employees' weaknesses in the workplace can be found. 

After addressing the weaknesses of the employees, employees are trained in such a manner that, a weakness in the work can be removed. Ultimately, it benefits the company itself because, after removing the weakness of the employees they will work more effectively in the workplace.


                          If a company does not have any Training Program, employees have no motivation towards their work and they might switch to competitor's company.

So, the above mentioned are some points on the Importance of Training and Development in the workplace. A strong Training and Development Strategy is beneficial for both i.e., employer and employee.

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