What is the Role Of Sales Manager in An Organisation?

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Role of Sales Manager:

Role of Sales Manager is crucial in Sales Management. In Sales Management, Sales Manager Responsibilities are important. Sales Manager job description and Role of Sales Manager boosts up the sale of the company.

Sales Manager plays a crucial role in the management of the sale of the product or services. If the sales manager hired by the company does not have Marketing and Communication skill, the sales of the company cannot be increased by that Sales Manager.

It is very important to hire a skilled sales manager because due to Sales Manager company may reach the sales target. Sales Manager has many responsibilities and he plays many crucial roles in the company are as follows:

  • In Sales Management, the Role of Sales Manager is to make proper Sales Strategy. Sales Manager makes the strategy for selling the product or service. A strategy could be for Marketing or Advertising of product or service.

  • A Sales Manager must be capable of Train and Develop the skills of their subordinates. The sales manager has to provide Training and Coaching to make employees capable of his work.

  • A Sales manager also must be capable of setting up sales targets for their products or services. Setting up Sales target is not enough, it is also necessary to achieve those sales targets. Sales Manager must try to avoid unachievable sales goals.

  • It is also necessary for the sales manager to explore New Ideas for Marketing of his/her product or services. By exploring new and Creative Ideas for Promoting, it will be easy for the company to boost sales.

  • Communication is one of the crucial factors in Marketing or Sales Management. The Role of Sales Manager is also to be in communication with their employees. It helps Sales Manager in achieving Sales and building strategies for sales.

  • The Sales Manager also plays role in the Management of the sales activities of the business. From Planning for Sales budget to Controlling the sales activities, General Sales Manager plays a crucial role.


So, the above mentioned are some roles and responsibilities of the sales manager. If the sales manager does not have above-mentioned qualities, there are huge chances of not achieving the sales targets.

In short, The Role of Sales Manager is to manage all the sales activities. Sales Management includes Recruitment of salesperson, setting up sales goals, forecasting, exploring new ideas for marketing etc.

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